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When a lot is not enough

you can stop looking for the software that's just right for your business because invoiceit!Pro is your destination. It is already packed with features but, like all software out of the box, there's often stuff you need that's totally unique to your business or industry. And you can't find it anywhere! Until now. Here is the only software you can have customized with an add on Package - it's called invoiceit!Pro.

How it works

The simplicity is that we listen to what you need, package it into an add-on, which is then bolted on to the main invoiceit software. For your regular work you use invoiceit, for the special tasks you flick over to the add-on. Both are in complete synch. You get to test it and have us make any changes until it is perfect for the task. Basically, you are the architect, we are the builder - you decide the scope of the customization.

What can be customized?

There's not a lot that can't be changed. Here are some examples of what you can get...

  • special reports in whatever format, e-mailed or printed
  • web sales integrated into the main program
    for example, a one-click solution that extracts web orders, auto-writes customers, updates stock products and payments, then completes by printing or e-mailing the corresponding invoice specific to your design and even the labels.
  • special print requirements (like labels and other printed matters)
  • non-standard quotation or invoice formats
  • maintain custom pricing for specific customers
  • additional stock (inventory) control, like serial number tracking etc.
  • custom price lists
  • and much more...

How much does it cost?

Add-ons can start from as little as $750, which includes up to 5 hours of customization work. To find out more, tell us what you need, in as much detail as you can and we'll work out a price for you. We work on a 50% deposit, with the balance due a week after delivery. Any fixes will be attended quickly. You'll be ready to go, fast.