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Are you a Tradesman? Does your wife | partner do the books?

Here's how invoiceit!Pro can help her manage virtually all of your business. It's the easy tradesmen software.

Quotes, job costing, job scheduling, stock control, invoicing and easy accounting, even auto-billing of progress charges

  • Easily write quotes with unlimited space and keep track of results. Add your trading conditions and our quotes even have an acceptance slip for customers to sign
  • Copy any previous quote to create a new one for a different customer - a few changes and you're done. This is seriously fast data entry.
  • Send quotes and invoices by e-mail, as PDF attachment or plain text
  • Convert quotes to invoices with a click
  • You can make your invoices and quotes look great, exactly as you want, even include your logo.
  • Set up jobs and monitor all times from timesheets or the built-in scheduler and subbies' work for easy billing
  • Complete job costing to billing
  • Maintain lists of materials you hold in store, to make charging materials easy and fast. Up to five price levels can be maintained.
  • Maintain lists of all your contacts, like customers, material vendors, subbies and their contact details
  • Set up your billing by job, including regular automatic billing (such as progress payments due).
  • Know who owes you money and there's a built-in credit controller
  • Keep tidy accounting - invoice receipts are automatically posted to accounting. Regular expenditure entries can be automated, to make it even easier. If your wife does your books she'll want this.
  • Tax reports, accounting reports, sales reports and debtors reports...
  • Easy to use - you don't need to be a computer whiz to use this program. SpeedHelp will get you working in no time at all • read more