Invoiceit!Lite Version History

Version 3.4.03 changes - July 2009:

April 2011 - updated with new tax information as version 3.4.04

Now installs with illustrated PDF instruction manual.
Minor fixes, including manual tax edit issues and ship address formatting. 
Also fixed Quote and Receipt documents, which had some label and column differences to Invoice, caused by a misplaced reference. Purchase Order has been changed to be same width as all other documents (it was a little wider previously).

Version 3.4.02 changes - Oct 2008:

contains a number of minor fixes, including
Graphs: all have been re-sized and shadow columns removed from some of them
P/Orders: list report errors fixed; Charge Out button failed sometimes
SpeedHelp: added purchase order help (left off in last edition)
Invoice menu: the job button at left is now disabled when no job is selected for that invoice

Version 3.4.01 changes - Aug 2008:
if you use Auto-Billing, this is not suitable for upgrading from earlier versions

As part of a re-alignment of our product range, we have added purchase orders
   Vendors/Suppliers can now be added using a designated "client" group. 
   Contacts assigned to Vendor group will appear as vendors you can select from when raising a purchase order. Auto-billing was removed and is now in the main product range. 
PDF support has been added when e-mailing documents. For Outlook users this is attached to e-mails automatically. has two fixes, one that caused an error when writing Orders, the other that solves a tax issue when using Add Item button to add saved products to the invoice.

Version 3.2.02 changes - Jan 2008:

Minor Bug Fix: a coding error prevented e-mailing of pricelists (workaround was to preview the price list, click on File menu > Send > select RTF and click OK)
A version was posted without change of number, but dated March 12, 2008, to fix a problem with the repair/compact functions on the start menu.

Version 3.2.01 changes - Sep 2007:

The following changes were made to make invoiceit!Lite compatible with MS Vista operating system:
   Help file has been changed to HTML format (invlite.chm)
   Installation now defaults to "C:ProgramData" as this is the recommended folder for applications that write to files. It should not be changed!
   The SendKeys function is not supported by Vista and all instances have been changed to compatible functions (for example the button "Time Stamp" on the client note pad).

Version 3.1.03 changes - Nov 2006:

Bug Fixes:
Startup - when changing data (from 'My Data' to 'Samples' or vice versa) an inconsequential error occurred. It did not prevent the change but should have been suppressed.
Customer VAT number on invoice - a bug prevented the number from appearing on the invoice.
Both errors have been fixed.

Version 3.1.02 changes - Aug 2006:

Bug Fixes:
Invoices menu - Receipts button: an error in the receipts entry panel caused some invoice balances to be miscalculated. This affected only value-added tax users.
On the same panel, it was possible to edit the invoice number which, if that was done, caused an error. This has now been locked.
Reports menu - Finance button - Tax Reports: the reports failed to appear for value-added tax users, due to a spelling error of the report name.

Version 3.1.01 introduction May 2006:

Lite is introduced for the first time, featuring a different color scheme from it's parent invoiceit and a less structured charge item handling. 
for a full demo click here:
  Flash Demo - this shows how a fresh install will produce an invoice in just five minutes - you can actually watch it happen.  
For a comparison between Lite and and other versions of invoiceit! 
Feature Comparison