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Since 1993, we have specialized in designing solutions for small businesses. Now, with hundreds of successful projects behind us, in a wide variety of industries and businesses, we know what the owner of a small business needs.

Invoiceit! is based on the proven designs we created for many of our clients. We know the program works well because it has been in daily use in many places for years. Designed for the small to medium business with a tiny budgets but big demands, invoiceit! is the complete business tool for you. Best of all, it's FREE for 1 month and even comes with sample data to practice with.
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Bernd Reber founded the company in 1993 with his wife Felicity, after spending nearly twenty-five years in sales and senior management positions. With this business background he can offer not only the advantages of a skilled programmer, but especially an analytical mind to understand how a business operates. He knows what is required of an efficient business program, and invoiceit! is the result.

He says "what matters most to me is good service. I believe that by the end of each day, there should be no outstanding e-mails in the inbox. And that's how it always will be. I hate waiting for replies myself, so I'm not going to put you in the same situation. Even with our out-of-the-way time zone we think we can respond faster than most."

That little place down there is home for us: Clarks Beach, near Auckland, New Zealand. The small settlement (pop. 1200) is located on the southern shore of the Manukau Harbour.
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