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How to install invoiceit!Pro on a network

Network installation guide:

Step 1 - download, then install the latest version on your first workstation.
Step 2 - enter or edit your program settings in Setup. Registered users will be able to import these settings to the other workstations.
Step 3 - copy your data file (inv5data.mdb) and the sample data file (inv5test.mdb) from this workstation to your SERVER.
Step 4 - From Setup, click on the Network button and use the browser to point to inv5data.mdb on your Server. This will link that station to the server. (click picture at top)
Step 5 - copy or move the install file you downloaded to the SECOND network station and install the program from there - this will ensure that all system files are in their proper place.

Repeat Steps 4-5 on each of the other network stations. The important thing is that installation of invoiceit! is done on each network station - as opposed to copying the program files over.

Step 6 - REGISTERED USERS ONLY: Click on Setup, then click on Page 6. At bottom left you can import the settings of inv5.mde from the first workstation to other workstations - this means you only have to set up invoiceit!Pro once and they all use the same letterhead, for example.

Setting Permissions: click on Setup, then the 'Permissions' button at left. Enter the login details supplied by us. You can now lock down those parts of the program that are NOT appropriate for any workstation. This is a passive system - no login required. The feature is available to registered users only.