Invoiceit!Pro Version History

Version 5.2.11 changes - May 2018:
upgrading from older versions available.

E-mail PDF invoices: fixing bug with PDF file name

                     in some instances, default printer was not re-instated

Accounting: manual transaction date selection has been removed to avoid errors –

  • after selecting transaction type or clicking on New button, date selector comes up.
  • ledger list is now updated when field gets the focus
  • after double-click of balance, cursor went to first record, instead of 10 from the last
  • prevent cursor from moving to end of list when split form is loaded

List reports: fixed error when a field is widened

Version 5.2.10 changes - May 2018:
upgrading from older versions available.

Accounting: fix entry page jumping to top of list after each entry

                  fix GST/VAT split: when tax had been split in Transaction Split, a second click allowed it to be done again, giving false figures 
                  Add new filter option (select any one month) 

Quotation validity: fix switch on Setup p.4 - #16 did not update the selection
Purchase Order receipt: shipping was not included in line total
E-Mailing: improving some issues with PDF e-mailing of documents - better handling of existing PDFs

Version 5.2.09 changes - Feb 2016:
upgrading from older versions available.

Statement: load speed has been improved; on the statement selector, you can sort the first three columns by clicking on the column headers
Ship Labels: references the ship name, if different from client name
Setup menu: Diagnostics and Feedback e-mail connections have been enabled without needing special setup. (Mar 2016)
Fixed Statement errors when multiple payments existed; this also affected statement total. (Apr 2016)
Fixed repeating of Customer Ref. on Statement with multiple invoices; receipt payment details re-set

Version 5.2.08 changes - July 2015:
upgrading from older versions available.

Accounting, AT Schedul
e: automatic transactions are extended up to 1 year ahead when 'auto-extend' is checked.
This happens when you click on Accounting menu icon.
NZ GST return: supplier refunds did not appear in Box 11 (Expenditure) and affected the GST calculations in Box 12.
Contacts menu - Get in touch: when deleting an entry under "Number|Details" (like a phone number) and leaving it blank, an error occurred.
Charges menu and its Find List now show item codes that were not assigned to Products nor Charges. Use move button to assign it to Products.
E-mailing invoices/quotes in bulk, using RTF as attachment format: fix error that prevented binding to specific document in some instance; set print date after bulk mailing. minor fix:
Canada only
Canadian tax reports were corrected and updated. minor fixes:
Australia only: BAS entry showed incorrect total when an asset had been purchased during reporting month
Contacts menu - Write dropdown: Where used, Due date was not correctly written for invoices
                          Credit manager: there is now a stop button for period 2 as well as periods 3 and 4
Invoice menu - when reversing a credit with CR button a wrong stock count was recorded. minor fix (Sep 2015):
Job Reports - a new report is added "Job Activity by Staff". Select by date range, with subtotals by job. It complements the existing activity report by Job.
Receipt - auto invoice message has been removed
General Purchase entry - an error occurred when field 'Details' was left blank. A warning message now appears when you enter the net cost, but if still left blank, this is now also accepted.

Version 5.2.07 changes - August 2014:
upgrading from older versions available.

NZL/AUS/GBR Tax reports are set to specific type, as per Setup p.1 - when you change the default type for these countries, the tax report dialog will open for the alternate version. Previously this was ignored. 
Example: NZL and AUS tax reports where set to 'Receipts'. When changed to be based on  'Invoices' the general tax report dialog opens (instead of the pop-up reports). This gives greater flexibility.
GBR VAT tax reports defaulted to 'Invoices' and you can now also apply receipts-based reporting.
NZL/AUS GST detail reports have a new layout to make finding entry errors easier (sub totals by ledger and column layout that matches the summary reports). Both are now formatted to A4 portrait.
Invoices CR button did not handle credit reversals of stock [inventory] correctly. This has been addressed. Applies to clicking on the CR button from a Credit.
Accounting when applying customer refund of a sale, or applying a refund from a supplier you should make a reverse entry. 
For example, sales are entered in 'Deposit' column. A refund should go in the same column (select 'DEP' from Type dropdown), but as a negative amount.
Likewise, an expense is entered in "Payment" column as a negative amount. A refund from a supplier should go in the same column (select 'PAY' from Type dropdown), but as positive amount.
Neither was possible under the previous system and had to be entered in the opposing column because amounts could not be changed from positive to negative and vice-versa. Now you can double-click Payment or Deposit amounts and reverse them (after you confirm a prompt). (September 2014) minor fix:
Task Manager: a bug prevented setting new tasks which has now been corrected.
Kits: we have added the ability to add non-stock items (like labour, packing, etc.). For instant kits (available from Invoices - Pick List - Make Kit), we also added the option of selecting an existing kit. (January 2015) minor fix:
Setup p.3: P/O columns can't be adjusted, so the corresponding controls are now disabled. (February 2015)
 minor fix:
Statement: An earlier fix to correct Total Balance was accidentally not transferred to the latest version.

Version 5.2.06 changes - March 2014:
upgrading from older versions available.

New Feature:
Pick List - keep open switch (allows selections without closing picklist) - on menus Purchasing, Quotes, Invoices, AutoInvoices
Receipt-based Tax report (US/Canada): remove tax from net total to avoid duplications
Canada only: when adding products with Code dropdown, all taxes were applied sometimes (not just those the customer is set to)
Invoice: line below taxes did not show
Invoices Report screen: Summary by Invoice and Summary by Invoice Due Date produced error 3079
Stock control: when Line Sort was showing, program did not update stock when selecting new items with code dropdown. Line Sort has been turned off during this action.
Accounting Reports - P&L: issue with date separator other than (.) has been fixed.
Stock | Inventory screen had two functions accidentally turned off: 
           checks if product ID exists. If yes prompt to open it. 
           New product entry: when entering a new product ID and stock control is on, sets count date to 'yesterday'.
___________________________________ (May 2014) minor fixes:
Statements e-mailed in bulk, using RTF attachment - a bug meant that statements did not show a single customer, but all. Fixed.
Contact entry: before saving new entry, program checks if name already exists. If yes, prompts to open it. 
Changed web links to new website (July 2014) minor fixes:
receiving P/Os: 
when this is confirmed, the total is transferred to Accounts Payable. Because of a bug, the wrong total was used, which caused a flow-on error when making part-payments of a P/O.
Fixed balance update issue with P/Os
Document links from Contacts menu are now sorted descending 
   (for example, Invoices listing shows latest invoice on top). (August 2014) minor fix:
on Purchasing menu, the General Purchases function (Accounts Payable) couldn't start when there are no previous entries.

Version 5.2.05 changes - October 2013:
upgrading from older versions available.

includes the following fixes:
Price level factors: not displayed when Setup p.6 was opened
Bulk e-mail of invoices and quotes - some fine tuning
P/O payment: did not update current balance on P/O (only in Accounts payable)
Stretch: program shows errors relating to the stretch function, where screen resolution width is greater than 1600 pixels. New user adjustment provided on Setup p.4 - #2, which sets a maximum stretch factor. Also now turns stretch off on initial start-up if width >1600
Auto Scheduler: an error occurred when program checked for appointment clashes and person had no previous appointments. Clash check has been turned off for auto scheduling since it required too many assumptions when trying to avoid clashes.
US/Canada - on startup, program would reset country on Setup p.1, thereby losing the State/Province settings
Settings import (Setup p.6): error prevented import
fixed in v. e-mailing invoices/quotes in RTF format did not lock single document (12/2013)

Version 5.2.04 changes - August 2013:
upgrading from older versions available. 
This is a chargeable upgrade that requires data file updating with update utility

New in 5.2
New look interface and standardised reports throughout (there are more than 160 different reports in invoiceit!Pro)
Accounts payable has been expanded and now includes general purchases. Use it if they are to be paid later, set due dates to manage your payments.
Credits - to credit a single invoice quickly, click the CR button; also provide for crediting freight (enter negative freight from Add-ons button)
Point-of-Sale: use this to handle cash sales; provides an A5-sized receipt (a mini version of your main receipt).
Product pictures: now stored externally to make the database run faster
UPC bar code number support; product entry date added 
Time Billing: new option to use itemised billing, which copies your timesheet entries line-by-line
P&L (profit and loss statement) has been added which also compares against a previous period of your choice
Option to save e-mails you sent to customers in the E-mail manager
Powerful new Task manager - lets you set tasks which are posted to the To-do page (auto pop-up reminder on startup)
Stock [Inventory] valuations: now option to enter by unit cost (instead of total cost)
DYMO label printer support; sheet labels has new feature which lets you set start position and label quantity. No more label wastage when using sheet labels.
New Payment history report: how fast (or slow) do your customers pay. Reward fast payers, remind slow payers.
e-mail marketing page: optionally add statement to reminder messages

Improved PDF creation when e-mailing invoices, statements and other documents
SpeedHelp illustrated print-out - make your own manual. More than 450 topics.
Newly organised and improved help file (F1 key)
Canada: record both tax received and tax paid
New Search options: find invoices and quotes by product sold and other criteria; find products by description and more; find contacts by phone number and many other search terms
Quickly look up purchases from any vendor or creditor
Quotations and Contract confirmations can now have an opener (header text you can add before line items)
Auto-transactions in Accounting: now supports variable amount items, like power bill, etc.. Entries are made automatically and you get to set the actual amounts.

Version 5.1.20 changes - April 2011:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or olderrequires data file updating with update utility

New Features:
Delete Customer: now reports on debt owing and due contracts 
Allow negative freight amount (to credit freight)
P/Os: once arrival date is entered, line items are locked
Quote Template (QName) error.
SMTP setup (Error - pickup directory not specified):
   (Setup p.4 - #43) and using a local ISP.
   Solution: click on Setup p.4 - SMTP setup button
   Set 'Authentication' to NO
   Set 'Send Method' to Network 

Email attachment of PDF documents (when using CutePDF): added 5 sec. delay, to give CutePDF time to create document before attaching
Trial Balance: opening balance reposition when account in OD
Label printer button (Invoice menu): prevent switching to default printer (value-added tax regimes only) - tax edit buttons now handle tax-inclusive pricing. The button is now hidden if you are NOT registered for tax.

Version 5.1.19 changes - February 2011:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

New Features:
Scheduler: added scroll bar
Product sales stats: added non-standard sales (w/o product code)
Contact Methods: when writing statement option, did not add that method to lookup list
E-mail P/O: would not create body text when 'No attachment' was selected
Statement bulk print error fixed
Adding Supplier: the contact type was not set automatically (Status)
changing Tax1 rate on Setup1: updates tax rates of ledgers, but did not exclude zero-rated ledgers
Canada: Error when any of the tax rates on Setup p.1 was left blank. fixed a tax rounding issue on invoice
New: P/O line items are now locked when paid in full or in part

Version 5.1.18 changes - December 2010:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or olderrequires data file updating with update utility

New Features:
Invoice/Quote/Purchase Order/Auto Billing: using the Find button at top, you can now find items by description. For example, it will bring up invoices that match the search term in Description and Extra columns.
Where you use dropdown to select customers (Setup p.4 - #31), add new customer on the fly by typing customer name which will then open an input form to allow adding them to the list.
Time Billing: when transferring times to billing, you can now select which saved codes should show in the 'Charge ID' dropdown. Default are charges (from Charges Menu). Previously was cluttered with inventory [stock] items.
Job Costing Summary now includes entries from Accounting relating to reported job to give better overview of incurred cost. Now in new layout.
Job Summary Report layout has been improved; now contains jobs grand totals
Write invoices with ship addresses enabled: 
Customer Pick List: when ship addresses are used, but none are listed for a customer, program will now auto-fill phone number from contact method list (in addition to address).
Write feature from Contact menu: Name and phone number in ship address are now auto-filled.
Credit control: You can no longer write invoices for customers who have 'No Credit' box checked. Previously could be overcome.
Converting Quote: a reference is now made on Internal Notes to show the new invoice number. 'Our Re'f is now also transferred.
Calendar: future dates color changed to black (from white) to improve legibility

NZ GST Tax return - GST in Boxes 8 and 12 was calculated at old rate
VAT Detailed Tax report contained errors
Product and Charges list reports - could not be sorted by fields shown in dropdown (due to fixed sort)
Statement: for better clarity, each invoice is shown just once on multiple payment entries
Invoice Menu - Job filter button: fix that prevented this button from working properly
                    - Unlock function: improved this function, which failed in some circumstances
                    - Template button: invoice total and balance was not set immediately (only after changing line item)
Setup p.3 - P/O columns: Header labels had been turned off and could not be changed here (only on p.5)
Template: now copies invoice total and sets balance
Invoice: due to a number formatting problem, program stopped adding invoices when invoice count reached 32,767. It did not affect conversions from quotes. 
Improve handling of zero-rated US county tax rates.
Fix on Setup p.6 - Price Breaks: switch did not update
General: currency symbol has been removed from most reports, since the program supports only one currency

Release (January 2011)
Quote conversion: include 'Our Ref', fix error #7878
Payments (Inv & P/O): improve speed by closing after amount paid is entered. 
Setup p.5 - did not update label list
P/O e-mail text - fixed error that prevented details to show up 
P/O order entry (pick list) - show cost price if no stock value is known
Accounting: when using dropdown, description only appears in Split for new entries 
New: Accounting - set bank account default with which menu opens

Version 5.1.17 changes - September 2010:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

New Feature:
Add option to include terms & conditions on packing note
Accounting Transaction Scheduler: has new buttons enabling extending or cancelling due dates. Also allows adding due dates manually more easily. Due dates are now displayed with oldest at the bottom.
SpeedHelp has been repositioned from bottom right to top left (large red button). During trial, this space shows a shopping cart.

Accounting: when changing date of an entry, where the previous entry contained no balance, error #94 'invalid use of null' occurred.
Over and Under stock reports: included finished products which have now been excluded.
Payment receipts: in some instances, error #2164 still occurred (though not consequential)
P/O receipts: when the quantity received was greater than the quantity ordered, the program would not allow this. This is now possible and auto notes about the excess received are entered on P/O and product notepad.
US County tax report: tax was not reported properly; state tax has been added to report
Statements: failed to open when no terms and conditions had been entered on Setup p.6

Now defaults to MAPI e-mail method (using default e-mail client). Go to Setup p.4 and switch to SMTP if you are using a non-MAPI e-mail client (like web-based GMail, Hotmail, etc.).

New: GST rate update for New Zealand from 1 Oct 2010
Template feature now copies all totals and tax amounts across to new document. If new customer is taxed 
differently, use 'Taxes' button to change tax calculation.
Job Activity report: now displays report's date range
Job Costing Summary: now includes Expenditure (general, job-related cost from accounting entries)
Staff List report: cost per hour added
List reports: added "Mobile" number to available fields
Contact Menu - Write feature: new invoices now show standard terms as per Setup p.6
Fixes: Accounting: fund transfers resulted in 'missing amount' message when cursor remained in amounts box and you 
clicked OK (you needed to Tab out of the amounts box first).
New help button at top left on main screen was obscured during trial
Setup p.6 (Terms): Packing Notes terms had been left off from last update

Version 5.1.16 changes - June 2010:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

SMTP: you can now send e-mails using SMTP (the acronym represents your outgoing mail server). This is a direct connection to your nominated mail client, which can be that of your ISP or any webmail application to which you have signed up. Previously, e-mailing from invoiceit only worked if you had a MAPI-compliant e-mail client (like MS Outlook), so this new feature will greatly enhance and simplify the e-mail connectivity. Requires setting up similar to when you set up a new mail account. Go to Setup p.4 and select SMTP option at lower right.

E-mailing statements in bulk
Contacts menu: under 'Get in touch', a new "Statement" option is added. It will accept three options which apply to bulk processing of statements:
P - will only print statements (stands for Print)
E - will only e-mail statements (stands for E-mail)
N - customer is excluded from bulk statements, but can still be done manually. (stands for Never)
Statements can now be e-mailed in bulk for those using the above 'E' switch.

Export customer mailing list to CSV
Marketing (by mail): after creating the list, you now have the option to export it as a CSV file.

Profit by Invoice: this now includes non-saved items.
Customer dropdown (P/Os; Quotes; Invoices; Auto-Billing): now displays and uses client sort code as prime sort
Contacts menu: double-click on any e-mail address in 'Get in touch' to send e-mail. The same applies for the detail field in 'People'. If an e-mail address is entered, double-click it to send an e-mail.
Accounting: line balance has been replaced with daily balance, using a quicker update method.
Canada taxes: version shows tax rates as they apply from July 1, 2010 (incl. HST for Ontario and British Colombia)

Calendar: error #3314 occurred when a blank number box was clicked.
Contracts: error #94 when you clicked 'Cancel' but there were no due dates to remove
Invoice: when creating a new invoice from an existing one (with Template button) the invoice balance was not transferred
Accounting - Accounts Receivable: an error occurred in some instances, when the 'Confirm' button was clicked.
Accounting: deleting entries assigned to invoices or P/Os. This has been re-written because there were issues when an invoice or P/O contained multiple payments. The delete button attempted to delete ALL payments (made or received). This will now only delete the entry indicated and adjust balances accordingly.
Contract Confirmation
: tax label was left-aligned and has been aligned with other sub headers.
Receipt: print error #2450 when there was no Print date
Offset: click on check box did not work immediately when only a single entry was displayed, only on second attempt.
Scheduler Reports: weekly report and comparison report failed when non-standard time slots were used
Stock count report: this was obstructed by the input form, preventing a printout.

Version 5.1.15 changes - February 2010:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

UK and EU onlyTax reports on accounting transactions (sales and purchases) with separate section for trans-EU sales and purchases. The latter is also now available as a separate report. Previously showed only sales.
Writing new client on the fly: error when ship address was NOT copied to ship address list
Client select list - now sorted by sort code
Bulk receipts and bulk payments: button at the bottom (which sets all entries listed as paid) was producing wrong invoice or P/O balances, due to a bug.
Receipt entry NZ: trap error when no previous payee or bank details
Aged Reports: trap error when no data is available (no debtors to display)
Conversion to Quote: fix error when non-stock item followed stock item.
Quotation summary reports (fix duplications) - new feature: now with option to display summary for accepted quotes only, using date of acceptance as summary date.

Version 5.1.14 changes - October 2009:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or olderrequires data file updating with update utility

Detailed VAT tax report (invoice-based) misreported tax-inclusive total; 
The double-click action for single P/O payment transferred total to Accounting as a debit;
Pricelist: fix Error 3075 when using stock-only option; exclude 'finished' products (redundant items).
In some stock [inventory] reports a "division by zero" error occurred when stock items were present with a value, but zero quantity. 
Two new VAT tax reports are added for those users whose selling prices include tax.

Receipts: tidies up some issues when posting receipts and payments concerning balance calculations when reversing an entry. Payment screens from Invoice and P/O menus now show a list of previous payments if any.
Receiving P/Os - double click Total box to copy total from main screen. P/Os now show the status of the order at the top (similar to the paid & locked from Invoice menu)
     not yet received: brown status box showing "to be received"; 
     received but not yet paid in full: red status box showing "Balance to pay" - balance and due date visible; 
     paid in full: green status box showing "Paid in full"
Accounts payable: postings now add creditor name. This allows viewing accounting transactions for that creditor from Contacts menu (Transactions button).
You can post deposits to P/Os not yet received. Simply enter payment as you would for any received P/O. Later, this deposit will be reflected in the Balance to pay.
Due dates: in auto-billing the invoice due date (due for payment) was set incorrectly in some instances.
Auto billing: in some instances auto-extend contracts were not extended automatically; Now showing 'last invoice' date, which updates the last billing date with a double-click. Update is still automatic when you click on Invoices menu.
Job costing report 
fix - total showed error if one or other of the two report components were blank
Currency - removed some currency symbols from reports to avoid confusion

Version 5.1.13 changes - June 2009:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

NewCreditors' reports section (Accounting Reports)
         available report options:
         Unpaid P/Os (single month) - shows which P/Os remained unpaid in a selected month
         All unpaid P/Os - as above, grouped by month due
         Summary of unpaid purchase orders, grouped monthly, showing past due, current month and those due next two months. (previously in Debtors' section)
         Historical Creditors - what you owed at any time in the past
         Payments Summary - all payments made during selected date range, sorted by method of payment.
Payment Receipt Reports
   Fix: reports mixed receipts and payments
Unpaid invoices report
   Fix: report total showed invoice total, instead of outstanding balance total
Follow-up Report
   New: Purchase Orders overdue (ETA in the past and no arrival date yet)
Auto-numbering of jobs
   Fix: now includes jobs without start date when determining next number
P/O receive panel
   New: now shows due date (when payment is due); previously hidden. Due date is updated when you enter total amount to pay. It is set to 1 month after Arrival data. Click to set a different date.
   New: added price level filter and edit buttons.
Fixed some additional formatting issues when decimal separator is a comma, which caused price rounding in some situations.
NZ only: amended formula for box 11 on GST return, to exclude zero-rated expenditure.

Version 5.1.12 changes - May 2009:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

New function: Customer merge allows merging a customer with another (for example where slightly different names resulted in duplicated customers, each with their own account). Function will change all references of one customer to that of another, then permanently delete the selected customer.

Address format fix: was not set properly when adding customer or vendor on the fly or for delivery address on purchase order
Aged Creditor Summary Report: fix duplication of entries where creditor had multiple invoices awaiting payment
Under/Overstock reports: allow for items without supplier [vendor]
Auto-Invoicing: fix failure to stop invoice where customer was on credit stop or next invoice would exceed credit limit
Auto Invoice Manager: New feature lists auto-invoices affected by credit stops; double-click invoice or contract number to view those
Fix: countries which use the comma (,) as their decimal separator were experiencing problems on some screens
Start screen: re-instated the quick launch of invoiceit - hit Enter key when you see the splash screen with the puzzle piece.

Version 5.1.11 changes - Mar 2009:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

   fix: when a contact was removed or re-instated having a blank note pad, error #97 occurred.
if removed, the 'Write' dropdown no longer shows (prevents writing documents to contacts no longer current)
Invoices/Quotes/Auto Inv/Time Billing
   change: when searching a document whose client has been removed, the client dropdown is replaced by a blue box displaying 'Customer was removed'. Click pencil button to edit that customer. Previously, documents for removed clients did not show, even though they were listed in 'Find List'.
   New: when writing new documents with auto numbering turned off (when you must enter your own numbers) the process is now abandoned if you DO NOT provide that number, to prevent errors. Also applies to P/Os.
   fix: when sending credit by e-mail, plain body text no longer refers to invoice but has its own text labels (Setup p.5, under Invoice, E-mail Subjects and E-mail Messages)
Purchase Orders
   change: when searching a document whose vendor [supplier] has been removed, the vendor dropdown is replaced by a blue box displaying 'Vendor was removed'. Click pencil button to edit that vendor. Previously, P/Os to removed vendors did not show, even though they were listed in 'Find List'.
   change: when you write a new P/O and the vendor selector screen pops up, you can now exit at this point which cancels the uncompleted P/O (previously you had to select a vendor to exit).
   New: P/Os can be e-mailed as plain body text
   New: Filter and edit buttons allow edits of staff and selected job, as well as filtering P/Os by selected job or staff
   New - offset edit screen. This allows edits or deletions of existing offsets, write-offs and write-ons. Available from vertical menu bar of Accounting menu.
Quotation to Contract
   New: you can now convert quotes directly to auto invoicing. It copies the items from quote to contracts and establishes the billing sequences from input data you provide on the fly.
   Fix: the label button caused the printer selector to hang, so shipping labels could not be produced.
   New: you can now enter payment receipts, even if the invoice is already paid in full (overpayments by customers). If locks are switched on (Setup p.4 #21), an overpaid invoice will be locked and identified as such.
   New: profitability reports now show profit on all charged items, not just inventory [stock]. Go to Reports - Inventory for these reports.

   Fix: Receipt, Purchase Order, Contract Confirmation and Pricelist did not auto-attach with Outlook due to naming conflicts
   Fix: plugged a loophole to prevent access to locked menus from Startup guide page (network licenses only).
Time Billing
   Fix: overnight shifts now calculate properly (where start is before midnight and end is after midnight)
   Fix: when appointments assigned to a Job were moved to another timeslot an error occurred in certain circumstances if the required client ID was not transferred. When you select a job on the appointment edit screen, the program will look up the client and set the ID automatically.
Setup p3
   Fix: changing font colour caused major error when opening documents (the changed colour was not saved resulting in a blank colour value which the program could not process)
   Fix Contacts import error
Release fixes:
E-mail Transaction History, Price List, Statement:
    fix a problem that caused PDF to be created from dialog form, instead of selected document
    an inconsequential error was fixed that referred to a field called "Detail1"
    line sort number was not transferred to new document
Setup p.4 
    #12: if left blank it prevented viewing invoice reports
    #26 and #29: default ledgers now displayed by ledger number
P/O Reports: 
    supplier list now in alphabetical order

Version 5.1.10 changes - Oct 2008:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

   new: option that limits price list to items you actually have in stock [carry in inventory]. 
      Quantities are shown only on the setup page, but not on actual price list. 
      also now allows to pick or exclude items not assigned to a product group
   fix: on illustrated pricelist, item description was partly obscured when code column was omitted.
   fix: when creating mailing lists based on products bought, the exclude/include switch was reversed
Inventory/Stock movements list
   fix: after viewing products on order, function to return to movements list failed
Product Code dropdown (on various input forms)
   fix: the list did not display products or services that were not assigned to a product group
   new: the list now displays available items if you monitor inventory/stock (Setup p.4 #4)
   removed shadow columns
   new: the ledger used for receipt deposits can now be set by user (Setup p.4 #26). 
      (previously this was fixed on ledger #100)
   this network-only feature has been improved and gaps plugged.
Invoice/Quote and other documents
   changes to show header on multi-page documents.
   fix: footer not displayed in some instances
   improved load speed 
Price Increase Dialog: 
   allow non-assigned groups
Add-ons (Discount dialog):
   fix: now displays cost prices for non-saved line entries (where known)
Installation default folder now called invoiceit!Pro
 (previously invoiceit!5)
 - change folder name back to previous when upgrading, to save having to transfer data file
Release fixes an error in the products import function

Version 5.1.09 changes - Aug 2008:
when upgrading from V. 5.1.07 or older: requires data file updating with update utility

Program has been re-named invoiceit!Pro
New buttons:

   change: old ones were causing problems when users did not have Windows Office installed.
line sort numbers:
   fix: when using the re-instated code dropdown and when using text-only from Pick List, 
      line sort numbers were not written. This caused some lines to be displayed out of sequence
Price list:
   fix: when applying levels 2-5 from Inventory [Stock] or Services menu, an error occurred. 
      Did not happen when used from other menus.
   fix: document title did not update when changed or translated
   new edit button to switch to statement small print editor
   fix: format error in Due Date
   fix: total misreported where multiple payments for an invoice were listed
   fix: Today button produced error when applied on some subforms
   fix: another go at fixing the receipt print error which eluded us in the last release.
Price breaks:
   new: is applied when you select a price break-enabled product from the dropdown of invoice or quote.
   new: apply price breaks when entering product ID manually (or via barcode scanner)
Accounting Ledger List:
   improved: prompt if a new ledger number is already in use
   new: set default P/O type (Setup p.4 #19.1)
   new: can be sent as plain body text in e-mails
   new: set standard cost per hour, used for profit analyses of time charged (Scheduler menu > Time Slots button)
Client Groups:
   fix: minor error when writing new groups (failed to write new sort number)
Client Pick List: 
   fix: previously had to select a customer to exit pick list. Close button will now allow exit without that prompt
      change: after selecting client for auto-billing, set focus to First Invoice Date
   change: when writing quotes or auto billing, profit calculation is no longer displayed (only for invoices)
PDF attachments:
   new: for Outlook users the process of attaching PDFs is now automatic. 
      Applies to all documents that can be sent by e-mail, incl. price list and financial statements
Contacts Menu: 
   improved: allow scrolling through records when viewing any of the tabs 
      (for example, click through clients while on Statistics tab to view each client's sales)
      previously after using arrow buttons a user was returned to the front tab.
Products Menu:
   new: allow filter for products without vendor
Services Menu:
   new: allow filter for items without group
Filter Unset:
   improved: when removing filter, user is now returned to last record viewed 
      (applies to Contacts P/O, Quote, Invoice, Contract and Job)
Profit buttons:
   fix: error when no products meet profit criteria
Product Pick List:
   improve: adjust product list prices automatically to selected price level
Invoice (printed document):
   fix: format error in invoice total on return slip (also applies to quotation)
   improve: remove trailing colons from tax labels (applies to many other documents)
Data Import:
   change: was locked during trial - this has been unlocked.
Start Menu:
   fix: "compact and repair" commands did not function properly under Vista
Release 09.1 fixed an error that had caused the Confirm button on the bulk receipt entry form to be disabled.

Version 5.1.08 changes - Apr 2008:
when upgrading from earlier releases of V. 5.1: requires data file updating with update utility

Contacts Menu:
   fix: print error when printing Vendor purchases stats 
   change: click on any tab at the top and scroll through the contacts using arrow buttons without losing your place.
   new: when you change P/O date, ETA date will change accordingly (Setup p.4 - #19)
   added: when receiving inventory [stock] items, the count date of the product should be older 
               than the purchase receive date. The count date is now shown.
   improved: after receiving or un-receiving a line, the inventory [stock] at right is updated immediately.
   new: when you change Quote date, validity date will change accordingly, if you use this (Setup p.4 - #17) 
   new: when you change Invoice date, due date will change accordingly, if you use this (Setup p.4 - #12) 
Sales Reports:
   NewTotal Sales Comparison Report (this year v. last year), by month and by quarter. 
Job Reports:
   fix: error when no customer was selected on first three report options.
   improved: Job Costing Report had been changed to reflect unbilled hours and services. 
                    unbilled time can be valued using staff cost (set on Scheduler menu - Time slots button)
   New Unbilled Items report - shows timesheet entries not yet billed)
   New Idle Time Report - summarizes gaps in peoples' schedules (non-productive or not recorded activity)
Time Billing:
   new: timesheet entry form. Includes pre-selected defaults to speed up entry. 
            Used for timesheet bulk entries and avoids jumping from one job to another 
Quotation Reports:
   fix: error in date range boxes and first two reports
   added: due date, if that is used (Setup p.4 - #11). Overdue payments are showing a red date.
   new: clicking on a blank date box will now remove a date, just as a click on a numbered box will set that date.
EU Address Format:
   fix: in some cases postal code was shown after city (Tip: do not set country on addresses in your own country)
   fix: failure to update stock/inventory values when creating a kit
Product Code (Quote, Invoice, Contracts):
   changed: after this was added in release 06, the dropdown did not allow typing a new code. Now possible.
   added: print envelopes from Contacts, P/O, Quote, Invoice and Auto-Inv. Accepts DL or #10 envelopes
Print Invoice error: 
   fix: error that occurred when printing an invoice after previously viewing/printing a receipt

Version 5.1.07 changes - Mar 2008:

Inventory [Stock]: 
   New: button to copy details from another product (to speed up entry of similar items)
   New: added client check number, if you record this and client paid by check
   client cheque numbers can now also be recorded by NZ users
   fix file copy error
Reports - Accounting - Banking: 
   Added client check numbers to Daily Banking List 
   Split View error has been fixed (shows all splits for easy location and editing)
   fix: error when changing Creditor manually
   Pop-up entry: new - now includes a 'remove' button on Creditor and Check number pop-ups 
   (allows deleting a creditor or check number, if entered in error using pop-ups.
Diagnostic (Setup page):
   added progress prompt (to know if something has been sent)
Setup page 6:
   fix: conditions for P/O and P/O opening failed because of a bug
Startup error #94 fixed (occurred when changing data set)

Version 5.1.06 changes - Feb 2008:

Main Menu:
   Display Help button on registered copies (instead of Order button)
Contacts Menu:
   Fix (not working): Sales Person filter for blank entries (filter form by contacts not assigned to a sales person)
   Auto Job Numbering from "Write" - sequence error fixed
Purchase Orders: 
   Template button added - allows making new P/O as exact copy of an existing one to same vendor. 
      Edit the copy if required.
   added Product ID dropdown - filtered to show only products assigned to P/O's vendor.
Time Billing:
   Auto Job Numbering - sequence error fixed
Stock [Inventory]:
   edit button next to supplier [vendor] - eliminate a couple of clicks to start new vendor
   fix: Print List report (parameter error)
ToDo Diary: 
   fix entry restriction (did not support multiple persons' entries on a single day)
   change: appointment notice on startup now supports multiple persons' tasks
Accounting entries: 
   streamline entry by pop-up selectors - add transaction date prompt; 
   remove cheques [checks] pop-up when not needed; 
   jump to amount after Detail pop-up selection.
   fix: failure to create split entry where date was not today's date.
Bank accounts: 
   fix: setting opening balance in main window when starting new account
Template function: 
   fix: problem with creating new quote/invoice when auto-numbering is turned off.
Quote, Invoice, Contract:
   added Product ID dropdown (instead of typing an item code, select from dropdown), 
      also shows available quantities for monitored items
Our Ref fields on Quote, Invoice, Contract:
   added double-click to set value as per Setup p.3
Taxes buttons:
   change: when you click Apply or Edit, it will now override existing settings and Tax will be applied... 
   even if customer is set non-taxable, or one or more products are normally not taxed or at different rates.
   fix: some instances where calendar caused an error (mainly with displays showing a date on a subform)
   Receipt - hide 'Due Date' (where used) when invoice has been paid in full
   Shipping Label - reduce font size from 16pt to 14pt
   Page counter on many documents: fixed 0 page error (on multi-page documents).

Version 5.1.05 changes - Feb 2008:

Minor bug fix to correct some anomalies, like some of the report writer screens producing errors, automatic transaction causing double-up when extending, missing zip code in address of purchase order, and fixing a bug on the To Do Page, which prevented saving some messages; some cosmetic changes to a few of the input forms.
Sample data have had some product pictures added (check the CDs) and dates have been updated.

Version 5.1.04 changes - Jan 2008:

New feature:
US County Tax option. This enables users in the United States to automatically set taxes based on the client's county or other tax authority. It also provides reports on taxes collected or taxes charged, by county. This feature is available for a small extra charge but cannot presently be tested in the trial version. It is explained in detail here.

as with all major new releases a few bugs are probably inevitable despite extensive testing, but we think most of these have now been found and fixed. Among those were Job numbering, adding new inventory, auto-numbering of invoices if 6 digits or more and other minor issues. - fix for document numbering issue (when turned off it would not turn back on); on P/O product update screen added missing function to auto-calculate prices; 
added: new product entry from purchase order (on the fly). As on invoice and quote, type a new product with code and after a prompt will allow saving that product.

Version 5.1.03 - Jan 6, 2008:

Introduction of new invoiceit!5 (earlier versions were beta test and pre-release). Compared with invoiceit!4, which will be retained, the new program offers many new features. Here is a list of some of what's new in release 5:

new GUI with fresh color scheme and graphics
new html help file
greatly expanded SpeedHelp

expanded Contacts manager - clients, vendors, prospects all in one
Raise invoices and other documents directly from contacts manager
Phone dialler
Customer credit control
Customer-related invoices references (customize Our Ref)
supports Product Location (warehouses, shelves, etc)
Price Breaks (price per qty sold)
Product notepad
allow bulk price changes
Purchase Orders (NEW)
supports warehouse or drop shipment;
ETA, use for follow-up;
internal notes;
line sorting;
additional comment line (P/O opener);
optional auto numbering
receive purchases and update prices
optional auto numbering
optional validity date
optional listing of non-coded items
line sorting;
internal notes;
profit viewer
optional auto numbering
optional due dates
optional charging of non-coded items (plain text billing)
line sorting;
internal notes;
profit viewer
optional invoice locking
Auto invoicing
optional auto numbering
auto invoices manager
auto-extend (supports perpetual contracts)
optional charging of non-coded items (plain text billing)
line sorting;
internal notes;
profit viewer
Time Billing (NEW)
job activity timer
subcontractor charging
linked to Scheduler (schedule appointments and charge)
consolidated charge option (multiple activity shown as single charge)
Job Notepad
Job Costing
Scheduler (previously Diary)
customise time slots for each person/day
quick navigator to time slot
To Do List by person
optional pop-up data entry (memorizes previous entries for ledgers/creditors and more)
receipt entry for multiple invoices/multiple customers - consolidate into single banking deposit
auto-entry manager
split entry manager
allow attachment for e-mail marketing
quick setting of default printer
GST returns for Australia/New Zealand
P/Os due reports
Job costing report
List Report Writer - allows creating and saving your own list reports
improved diagnostics with error log (Ctrl+E)
new document label editor (page 3)
PDF support for e-mailing documents as attachment
and much more