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Invoiceit!Pro Debtors Import Guide in detail

How to import debtors

Prepare the data:
    Setup Menu - Import/Export button - Data Import/Export screen:

  1. From the 'Select Data Type' dropdown, select Spreadsheet
  2. From the green dropdown, select 'Invoices'
  3. Double-click the large panel at the bottom to open the client import template (it is located in your program folder ...invoiceit!Proimport). 

    Import template ImportDebtors.xls:
    (to use CSV file refer the entry bottom of page)
  4. Delete the sample entries (Line2 and below)
  5. From File Menu, select 'Save as' and save a copy of this template in another folder (as backup).
  6. Enter each invoice from your old system that still has a balance outstanding. Include the original invoice number and date, enter the new customer ID from invoiceit - not the customer name complete the other columns as per the guide below. 

    Complete Import:
  7. From the File Menu, select 'Save' (or press Ctrl+S).
  8. Close the spreadsheet and switch back to invoiceit!
  9. Click on the Import button and it's done.

Destination columns in detail 

Number fields: do not use currency symbols in columns E-I

Column Field Name Type/Size
A InvoiceID Number
B InvoiceDate Date
C CustomerID Number
D CustRef Text/50
E CurrentBalance Number
F TaxTotal1 Number
G TaxTotal2 Number
H TaxTotal3 Number
I TaxTotal4 Number
J Notes Text/unlimited
K StaffID Number

Using CSV file: a CSV file (comma-separated values) opens with Excel or equivalent spreadsheet program. It does not have tabs at the bottom so you need to paste each data column from your original into the appropriate column of the Import template.