time billing

Invoiceit!Pro - when you need the best Time billing software

  • Maintain your charge rates for every staff member and activity with up to five different charge levels. Automatically apply the correct charge level to every client • read more
  • Keep records of all your clients in the contacts manager, including those for whom you do work on multiple projects • read more
  • Set up jobs for large clients. Assign all work to jobs via timesheets or the integrated scheduler
  • Consolidate work for multiple jobs on one invoice - fully itemized including site address (or job title)
  • Keep invoices 'open' to add time-based charges until ready for e-mailing or posting.
  • Enter your workload in the multi-person scheduler to ensure no job and no task escapes your billing • read more
  • Send e-mails to clients directly from invoice it! and save them for easy recall by client. Send invoices and other documents by e-mail as well. Invoices can appear as plain text in the message body or as PDF attachment or both.
  • Prepare estimates and keep track of results • read more
  • Set up your billing, including regular automated billing • read more
  • The program features excellent billing reports, including billing by consultant, unbilled hours (work done but not billed), idle time billing report (all unbilled time spent)
  • Need more detail about time billing? write to us with your questions for a prompt response.
  • Invoices can contain unlimited free text and even your contract/payment conditions and remittance advice slip. This means you can describe your charges with full details without running out of space. Customize to make your invoices look exactly as you want them to.
  • View statistics of sales by consultant, service, client and more... including a summary of scheduler entries by person - so you know who did the work and when. You can compare the workload of up to five people with the scheduler overview report.
  • Know who owes you money! With invoice it! it's easy to keep track of your debtors.
  • Keep tidy accounts - invoice receipts are automatically posted to accounting. Recurring expenditure entries can be automated, to make it even easier • read more
  • You don't need to be a computer whiz to use this program. SpeedHelp will get you working in no time at all • read more
  • Network the program and everyone in your organization can work with it at the same time. For example, someone can do the bookings and another person can enter receipts • read more