Why you need invoiceit!Pro to manage inventory

Your inventory is probably the most valuable asset in your business. To monitoring this, you need inventory control software that can do the job for you properly .

Invoiceit!Pro answers your important inventory questions, like

  • How much is our inventory worth?
  • How old is it?
  • Are we making any profit from it?
  • Do we have enough of it or too much?
  • When is it time to re-order?
  • How much are we selling and to whom.

Complete Stock Control

  • Monitor stock levels
  • Set minimum and maximum levels for all monitored products - used to warn when you are under or over stocked.
  • When purchasing stock get auto suggestions on order quantities based on min/max stock levels
  • Create and manage kits - items you produce from stock components
  • Keep track of all product movements (where they went, where they came from)
  • Supports UPC barcodes
  • Set price breaks (auto pricing depending on quantity sold)
  • Set up to five price levels to auto price your products by customer group
  • Easily and quickly make custom illustrated price lists (even one-offs) and show customers what your products look like
  • Maintain your custom product groups and product locations
  • Update prices by supplier in bulk (import their price lists)
  • Keep product notes with unlimited space (great for serial number issue)
  • Track profitability by product, product group, vendor and more...
  • Get extensive reports on your stock assets
  • Maintain client and vendor lists with their contact details and sales | purchase history
  • Send e-mails to clients and vendors directly from invoiceit! Send invoices and other documents by e-mail.
  • Prepare quotations and keep track of results
  • Plan your sales calls in the multi-person scheduler
  • View sales statistics by sales person, product, client and more
  • Know who owes you money and there's a built-in credit controller
  • Set up billing, including regular automated billing (eg. regular deliveries).
  • On quotations and invoices you can add your trading conditions. There's even an optional separate column to enter additional product information, such as serial numbers, expiry dates, etc.
  • You can make your invoices look exactly as you want.
  • Use your data to increase sales (like if you have a new gadget to sell, send a marketing letter or e-mail offer to everyone who had purchased the old gadget.)
  • Keep tidy accounting - invoice receipts are automatically posted to accounting. Regular expenditure entries can be automated, to make it even easier.
  • Easy to use - you don't need to be a computer genius to use this program
  • Install invoiceit!Pro on your network and everyone in your organization can work with it at the same time.