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Purchasing invoiceit!
Q: How can I order invoiceit?

Click the 'Buy Now' menu at top of the page or click here.

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.

Q: How long does it take to get my license information?
You will receive your license information by e-mail once your payment is approved and processed. Depending on the time of day here in New Zealand, it can take between a few minutes and a max. of 12 hours.
Q: Do you offer discounts for network license purchases?
Yes, we do. Click this link for Network licenses. Prices for 2-5 seat licenses are shown, with a separate item for additional seats.
Q: Can I get a Trial Version of the software?

Yes, simply click on the Download menu at top or click here. Click the 'Download' button of your choice.

Select 'Save', then select a location to save the file to. When your download is completed, click 'Run' to start installation.

There are no data limits during the 30-day trial. If you use the sample data, remember that this is for testing only and cannot be transferred to 'live' data later.

Q: Are there discounts for non profit/charity/academic organizations?
No, but our prices are very low and affordable, plus there is a 1 year free support as well.
Q: What are the system requirements for invoiceit?

Any Windows operating system later than Windows 2000 can be used, including the most recent Windows 10.

Besides this, you may want to install a PDF converter (like the free CutePDF), if you want to send invoices and other documents as PDF attachments.

If you are a Mac user, you will need a virtualization utility that allows Windows applications to run on Macs. Details are in our technical section further down.

Technical questions
Q: What are the main differences between the two versions of invoiceit?

Put simply, if you need proper inventory (stock) control with purchase orders, and accounting, select invoiceit!Pro - use only the modules you need.

If you just want a simple invoice program, select invoiceit!Lite

For a comparisonclick here
Q: Can invoiceit work with a remote PC ? (Not connected to a local network)

It is possible to link to your computer via third-party remote access software using an online connection.
Visit TeamViewer.com for information on one such software. Other options are LogMeIn.com (free), GoToMyPC.com and Radmin.com. They work by connecting your computers via the internet and allow a remote operator to take control of the other PC. It is as if you were seated in front of it.

Some users have set up a dedicated PC for this, making the office setup a two-seat installation. The secondary PC links to the data on the main PC and laptops link only to the secondary PC via internet and one of the above software. This makes it easier to secure your other data and does not provide access to your main PC. A second invoiceit license is required in this case.

TeamViewer also have an app for Apple iOS and for Android making your office PC accessible from anywhere. Refer this link for details.

Q: How do I use invoiceit on a PC and a laptop (not networked)?

You need to purchase a second license, available from Buy now link above.

Option 1
Moving data file "inv5data.mdb" between a PC and a laptop

  1. backup the file on PC to a memory stick (aka USB Flash drive) and take the stick with you
  2. copy the file from stick to invoiceit folder on Laptop (replaces existing copy)
  3. work with invoiceit
  4. backup the file on Laptop to a memory stick and take the stick with you
  5. copy the file from stick to invoiceit folder on PC (replaces existing copy)
  6. work with invoiceit

The data file for our Lite version is called "invLdata.mdb".

Option 2 (registered Pro users only)
Install guide using removable drive or memory stick (aka USB Flash drive)

  1. Install the program on your PC, then transfer the download file to the Laptop and install from there also.
  2. Enter the registration codes you received on purchase.
  3. On your PC, copy the data file "inv5data.mdb" to your removable drive (say in a folder called "invoiceit") if you intend to use the sample data file, we suggest you also copy "inv5test.mdb".
  4. Go to Setup and click the Network button at lower left. Link your program to the data file, now located on your removable drive.
  5. Repeat step 4 on your Laptop.

Important: the drive letter of the removable drive MUST be the same on both computers. If not, change the drive letter designation, or have it done by a computer guy.
Invoiceit will not work unless the stick (drive) has first been inserted.

Q: What support do you provide and how much does it cost?

All technical support is by e-mail and we aim to respond within a few hours at the latest. We guarantee that you will always get a response inside 24 hours. Pre-purchase and after-sale tech support is free for one year, apart from the four incidents described below.

To allow us to continue this free support policy, please limit your questions to one e-mail per day, where possible.

paid support incidents:
lost license code - buy 1 support ticket - use same details as on original order, if possible, so we can verify your license code
transfer to new computer - buy 1 support ticket, then send your question by e-mail
import file analyses - buy 1 support ticket, then e-mail a copy of your import template file with your questions.
Data file analyses - buy 2 support tickets, then e-mail a .zip copy of your data file (inv4data.mdb) with your questions.

Privacy protection guarantee: we will not retain or reveal your data - as soon as you confirm that the matter is resolved, your data is purged from our system. We guarantee that unconditionally.

Support ticket - $29.95 - valid for one incident as shown above. Where it is determined that the incident is a software bug, the ticket price is refunded

Q: Can invoices be e-mailed as PDF attachments?

Yes, this can be done. You need a PDF converter software, like the free CutePDF.

If you use MS Outlook as your default mail client, the PDF version of an invoice (and other documents) is created and automatically attached to your e-mail.

With other mail clients (like web-based mail accounts) you will need to connect via SMTP. This is only available in our Pro version. Setup p.4 provides for easy setting up. 

Q: I get an error, like "can't be started". How do I fix this?

This can happen if your Windows operating system was updated.
To fix this, right-click on the invoiceit desktop icon and select 'Run as administrator'.

How to
Q: How do I add my logo to invoices and other documents?

See also our tutorial

Add your logo on Setup - page 2:
click the logo space at top left, then click the small browser button at the bottom (next to 'Path to logo' box).
Navigate to where your logo is located and double-click it. It should appear in the space at top left.
Re-size and position as required, then click 'Save Settings'.

Suggestions: make a copy of your logo and save it in BMP format. Now place it in the program's folder and link to that location. 

Q: I have upgraded my operating system to Windows 10 and invoiceit won't open.

Right-click on the desktop shortcut, select Run as Administrator. That should do it, as it has worked in other similar situations.
Should this not fix the issue, you need to re-install. Write to us for instructions and tell us which invoiceit version you use.

Q: How do I add my product pictures?

Picture: product pictures are stored externally and need to have names that match the product code. Store all pictures in the same folder, which you can set on Setup p.4 - #9.1. An example would be for a product code ABC567 - the name of the picture file would be ABC567.JPG (the last three letters determine the type of file format). The following picture formats are supported: JPG GIF PNG TIF BMP. Do not load pictures with JPEG formats (remove the E first). Simply upload the pictures to that location, invoiceit will find it.

Tip: the picture on the inventory screen is intended to be used on the illustrated price list (where it will scale into a space of 35x24mm, or about 1.3x1"). The picture holder on the Inventory (Stock) screen displays pictures in Zoom mode (picture is extended proportionally to the maximum of either width or height). Select 'Clip' to see the picture in original size, or 'Stretch' to see the picture stretched to the size of the picture holder.
It is recommended to use pictures that are not much bigger in size to the space on the picture holder. This makes it easier to view the picture.

Q: How do I use a barcode scanner?

Invoiceit supports barcode. However, this means you can only scan from a barcode into invoice/quote. It does not incorporate barcode generator. For this you would need a barcode label printer, since the barcode scanner only reads them back in.
If the product code is different from its UPC barcode number, enter the UPC code at top of Inventory screen (next to product code).

When you input codes using a barcode scanner during invoicing, place your cursor on the first available 'Code' field and scan the barcode. The product code and default description, and price will be entered and the cursors jumps to the Quantity field (which initially defaults to 1).
The same can be done in Quotations (Estimates) and in the auto-billing setup. The product code field on the printed invoice can be turned off on Setup p.3, if it is of no informative value to the customer.

We suggest you contact a local barcode specialist for advice on which equipment is best suited for your business.

Q: How do I view the operating manual?

Invoiceit has four levels of help available in the program:

  1. Getting started guide (from Setup menu) - a brief overview and some tips on what to do first
  2. SpeedHelp - click red button at top left. It is an effective way to get quick answers and is searchable.
  3. Major help file with over 200 topics - press F1 on keyboard or click help button at top left of each screen - this gets you very detailed help relating to the page from which you clicked. It is searchable by keyword.
  4. If you really can't find the answers, contact us for e-mail support. Click on Setup menu, then click the Help button at upper left. An e-mail opens - ask your questions, or write to us.

Please remember that invoiceit is very low priced and for that reason, our free e-mail support can only remain free if it is used in moderation.

Q: How do I back up my data?

invoiceit! has a simple backup included but there are other solutions. Since your invoiceit data is unlikely to be the only important file on your computer, you may want to do your backup using the Windows backup facility, which is installed on your computer. This lets you back up ALL your important files. It is usually at Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Backup.

Windows 10 backup tutorial
Windows 7 backup tutorial

There are also many other proprietary (and free) backup programs out there. Refer this link for a list of ten of the best.

Another alternative is the totally brilliant and automatic cloud backup system Carbonite.com (which we use ourselves). It costs about $5/month and you can forget about backing up since it is always done for you (needs internet access, obviously).

Q: How do I import data from other sources?

We have import guides in our tutorial section. Invoiceit comes with Excel or CSV import templates. Follow the links below for details...

Importing clients/vendors
Importing products - also suited for updating
Importing debtors - used if you change from another accounting package

Q: How do I add my trading conditions to invoices?

On Setup page 6, the top portion 'Trading Terms (small print)' is for entries on demand - you click a button 'Small Print' on the invoice input form to add them to those invoices where this text is appropriate.
The bottom portion 'Standard Invoice Message' is for conditions or messages on all invoices - it is added automatically to every invoice. You can remove it on the invoice input form, if not required on a particular invoice.
Click on help button (top left icon, or press F1) on Setup page 6 for more information. Setting Conditions: Select one of the options from the dropdown at top right first. Now type the message (replace the existing text) and it should be available for the selected document.

Q: How do I make a credit note?

If you are going to credit an entire invoice (or the greater part of it), locate the invoice and click the red CR button (next to invoice total). Make any changes (like removing items not being credited) and send to customer.

To do a manual credit, click on Invoices, create a new one, then proceed to enter the client and continue

  1. if you have inventory - enter Quantities prefixed with minus sign (i.e. to credit 10 items, enter -10 in the quantity column)
  2. if you don't have inventory - enter the unit price with minus sign (i.e. to credit 5 hours at $100, enter -100 in the unit price column)

You should not have negative quantity AND negative unit price at the same time. Provided the grand total is negative, the document will be called "Credit Note". You can change this on Setup p.5 (invoices section).
If you actually refund the money, click on 'Payments' from invoice menu and double-click amount. A negative 'payment' (in other words, a refund) is entered and cross-posted in Accounting.

Q: How does automatic invoicing (recurring billing) work?

Click here for a detailed description of this feature

Q: How do I use invoiceit over a network with multiple workstations?

Invoiceit!Pro can be networked and this can be tested even during a trial, so visit our network tutorial page for details on installations. You need to install on each PC using the install file you downloaded, then nominate one of the PCs as the "server", or use a dedicated server.

   When you have determined which of the installations is the 'server', go to one of the network stations, click Setup menu and click the network button at left. Using the small browser button, locate 'inv5data.mdb' on your SERVER, then click OK. This will link this network station with the server's invoiceit installation.
To test if that has been successful, make an entry in one of the installations, then check if you can see that entry in the other. Repeat with other workstations (not needed on the server if it doubles as a workstation). Write to us if you have any questions on this. We'll be glad to help.
Additional licenses are required for second and subsequent installation. For prices, check out our order page

invoiceit!Lite cannot be networked in this way.

Q: How do I send my invoices as plain text (customer won't open attachment)?

You don't need a workaround with invoiceit! because invoices and quotes are created both as attachments and plain text. Turn off attachment on Setup p.4 - #40 (set to No) and #41 (set to Yes).
The entire invoice or quotation appears in the e-mail message as plain text. It is formatted as plain text and may look different if proportional-spaced font is used.

Q: Can I modify the program or code to suit our needs better?

invoiceit! comes with six detailed setup screens and many lookup tables which let you customize the program with aspects unique to your business.
You can also export the data to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel for further analysis or publication.
We do not recommend that you modify the data tables by renaming field names or adding new ones. Such custom modifications are not supported by invoiceit! and void free support. The data tables are contained in inv5data.mdb (your own data file). The source codes cannot be modified and are not available for purchase.