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**Please see the bottom of this form for important information**

Please use the Print button in your browser to print this form. Fill out the printed form, and then send or fax it with your payment to: Voice Orders: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST (-5 GMT)

(800) 414-4268 (orders only)
(910) 792-9100

BMT Micro
PO Box 15016
NC 28408
Fax: 910-792-1889
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 invoiceit!Pro single-user license $99.95    
 invoiceit!Pro single-user license with support CD $109.95    
 invoiceit!Lite license $59.95    
 invoiceit!Lite license with support CD $69.95    
 invoiceit! upgrade (Lite to Pro)


 invoiceit! upgrade (4 to Pro) $60.00    
Support Ticket


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North Carolina Residents please add 5.75% sales tax


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Payment Method (circle):  CASH   /   CHECK   /   MONEY ORDER   /  DEUTSCHE BANK
** Please make check or money order payable to "BMT Micro"
** All checks or money orders in US Funds only
Important Ordering Information

Ordering and general ordering questions:
Via Email:

We accept Cashiers Check, Personal Check. Personal
checks are subject to clearance. Euros, Sterling, and US Currency
is welcome but please send by registered mail, return receipt requested.
We cannot be liable for lost cash sent through the mail

If you reside in a country with an unconvertible currency please
contact us for alternatives.

Purchase orders are welcome, subject to approval. The minimum
amount is $250.00 US.


Persons in Europe wishing to order shareware may also transfer funds
into our account with Deutsche Bank. Once the money is deposited you
may either fax a confirmation to us with proof of deposit or wait until
Deutsche Bank notifies us of the transaction (usually 10-18 business days).
Account information is as follows:

Deutsche Bank / Frankfurt Branch
Empfänger: Thomas Bradford
Konto-Nummer: 0860221
Bankleitzahl: 500-700-10

When you make the transfer, be sure to put your name, the program you
are registering and either email address or phone number on the transfer. Without an email address and/or phone number, we will not be able to send your registration.

It is very important that you send us a completed order form by
either email or fax if you deposit money into this account for a
registration. Fill the order form out as usual except in the credit
card number field put "DEUTSCHE BANK". We will file the order and
use it to match against the deposit information we receive from the

When you fax or mail us your order form, we will reply to the email address
above with an acknowledgement. If you do not get an acknowledgement
within 7-10 business days for mail orders, please send your order
again in case it was lost.This extra bit of caution can save a lot of confusion.

If you are concerned that your order is taking too long to process, feel
free to check with us about the status of your order. It's important
to all of us that you feel safe doing business with our company and
please feel free to suggest ways we can improve our service to you.